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How to look good in scrubs?

Are you working in a hospital or dental practice, then you have to wear most likely a scrub. What a pity, right? Scrubs are really not appealing clothes. Often they are white and look kinda ugly. And then we are not even speaking about the shoes or the medical hat, which is also very unattached. Well, enough about how ugly scrubs are. The only reason why you are reading this blog is to know how you can look in scrubs. Let us help you with three inspiring tips. We have to say they are quite basic because yeah… the whole reason for wearing a scrub is to protect yourself and the patient. So, you can’t wear a fancy belt of big earrings. With that being said, you have to answer the question below first. 

Am I allowed to change my scrubs look?

That is a very very very good question. Often the hospital, dental practice or another institution have strict policies about this. But if you feel uncomfortable in your scrubs for women or for men, then maybe you can check the policy again and see if you can change some tiny things in the outfit. 


If it is not written in the policy, it is okay to ask your boss if you are allowed to change your scrubs. Are you a bit scared because your other colleagues are not thinking about this? Don’t worry! It is good to be unique. So don’t be scared and just ask. It is most likely to get a no but sometimes you will get a yes. 


If the answer is no than you can be creative with the tips we are giving below. And if you get a yes, you can still apply the tips and give some of your own flair to your outfit. 


Tip 1: Introduce a new color scrubs

Do you know that there are way more scrubs colors in the market than only white. No? We also didn’t know before writing this blog. But actually there are a lot of colors for medical clothes, for example:

  • Grey

  • Yellow

  • Pink

  • Dark blue

  • Light blue 

  • Black

  • Green

  • Red


And even scrubs with colorful prints are existing. However, you probably won’t see that in the hospital. But just think about it. How much more fun would the hospital look if they all wear different color scrubs. White scrubs seem so depressing as a hospital already is. 


Maybe in tropical lands like South-America or the Dutch Antilles, it is more common to wear colorful clothes. 

Tip 2: Wear nice socks

This trend you will often see with businesspeople wearing boring black or blue suits but with nice socks. And with nice socks, we actually mean Happy Socks. Socks with funny figures and different prints and colors. Funny socks that makes the boring outfit more fun and nice and playful. If you are allowed to wear other socks than the boring white one. JUST DO IT. Like Nike. 

Tip 3: Make-up & hair

The last tip is to wear a bit of make-up and do something nice with your hair. Don’t come to work with tons of layers make-up like you are a model. But just wear a basic layer some eye shadow, mascara and blush. You will immediately feel better wearing those boring scrubs. And if you add a nice hair look with it. You will shine in your scrubs.