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how to reduce global warming

Now that the weather is constantly changing, the water level is also getting higher. Because the heat is melting so hot in the North and South Pole. This is a big problem because then die and the animals out there but also there is a higher water level so that the number of floods can increase. As a result, more countries will have to do something about this, otherwise all regions of the world will overflow. Even if the water gets a little higher even then basements and the like can flood completely. What can you do against this yourself? In any case, you can buy a water pump. This can ensure that the water level in a certain part, such as for example the cellars, is not too high or can even be emptied empty. Here you can of course buy different water pump accessories for optimal use. Of course this can help you but in the long term the government must also do a lot about this. For example, large solid dams must be built so that most of the water does not pass through. This is still optimal in a few countries. In the Netherlands it is okay, but that is also because they have a very low level of land so floods can occur faster. What we can do and perhaps most importantly, is to do something about the emissions. This does not make the earth warmer. This will make the water level less high. Remember that you do not leave the light on, more with the bike than with the car and for example the water does not run too long. This is also better for the animals that live there now and hopefully gives you a better feeling. For more information you can look on the website

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