The benefits of hiring a real estate agent


Are you planning to buy a new house in the Netherlands? Nowadays, this is much easier said than done. The housing prices have skyrocketed in the last few years, and almost every house is being sold for much more than it is actually worth. Are you not buying but selling a house? Then you are in a much better position. Still, a little professional help is always welcome to make sure everything goes right. Whether you are buying or selling property; it is always a good idea to hire a real estate agent. This article explains why.

Buying a house

Times are difficult for new home seekers at the moment. Especially when you want to buy a house in Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or another large city, the process can be very frustrating. For every new house that is going for sale, there are at least twenty potential buyers. This is why you can benefit from hiring a real estate agent: he or she can greatly increase your chances of successfully buying your dream house.

  • A real estate agent knows the nuts and bolts of the local housing market;

  • He or she accompanies you during house viewings, asks the right questions; and shares professional advice;

  • He or she knows what a property is truly worth and how high your bid should be;

  • He or she negotiates on your behalf and will try to get the best purchasing price.

Selling a house

Although selling a house is much easier than buying one, a real estate agent can still be very helpful. He or she can help you to sell your house as quickly as possible, and for the highest possible price. A sales agent helps you with:

  • A very high number of house viewings;

  • A unique (video) presentation of your house;

  • Guidance on house viewings;

  • Ad placements on the best online platforms;

  • And much more.

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